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I came across your blog post today while searching for football highlights, and let me just oncoming of by saying that is probably the most updated blogs I've seen. They invest time to post up all of the main football highlights, plus do live text commentary and live streams. The blog has become going strong since May 07 and shows no symbol of giving up yet. They are constantly adding new live streams for the blog nowadays, and hopefully they continue to do so. I come back towards the site as a result of easy everything. I can watch all the major football highlights every day about the live streams, and the upload time is phenomenal.
I hope the property owner is constantly expand on his network of football highlights as it seems he's got mastered the art. If you're using your blog post reader there is the choice to subscribe for the blogs RSS feed which I would strongly suggest. This way if you are reading your other blogs you can get filled in on all of the football highlights for the day also. Another cool thing I noticed while I was surfing around the website will be the replacement for buy teams jersey; I think it would be cool if he expanded for this and set-up just a little gallery of popular jerseys to sell. I'm not too knowledgeable about the values of soccer jerseys, nevertheless for 25 Pounds it appears a quite convenient deal.
The Euro 2008 tournament is knocking at our doors and that is a good place where you can get associated with the events unfolding in Austria and Switzerland if you don't plan to go live for the field.Live text commentary is probably the main features using this type of blog. You can read minute by minute live reports of the most important soccer games out there.The World Cup 2010 will be commencing before very long, so if you feel searching for the top of hand on all of the stats and what teams managed to get past qualifying you will want this way to obtain news. All the highlights you have to know are up on this blog, I haven't watched any of the qualifying matches yet I know quite a few from the teams that are in as a result of information this web site provides me with.
If I were required to change some things about this blog it might almost be hard to do. One thing I think could be probably improved on will be the placement in the ads, in actual fact might not even be placement issues either just the undeniable fact that there text ads. I like the very fact the ads go with read more the general theme of the website and it is incorporated rather well, but I find my eyes running from the blog with all of the text to the left of where I'm reading. I also normally click through on sites who have such ads, but boy am I glad I didn't do that on this occasion. I guess it is tell you the looks of your site isn't necessarily what matters it is the content that the dog owner provides. Let me tell you this though, the owner here sure does that. You can prove this by yourself at your blog at

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